"Traptions". That's what I called them anyhow. It was the name I lovingly applied to the tacked together assortment of rubber bands, batteries, wood, wire and glue, that I spent my afternoons creating. While other kids were at the playground, I could be found at the old oak workbench in my father's basement. At the time I was enjoying myself, with no idea of where that idle tinkering would lead me. In hindsight I can see that the foundation of my twenty-five year career in furniture design and manufacturing had been laid.

At fifty-six years old I found myself in a new place. Although I could look back proudly on a career of creating dining furniture for the masses, I wasn’t satisfied. So, with a vision toward the future of Saloom Furniture Company I began to focus my energy on creating a small batch of very unique prototypes. These designs eventually spawned the Peter Francis Collection, a line of cutting edge contemporary designs executed in steel and fine hardwoods. My intention was to combine the reliability, strength, and heritage of New England furniture manufacturing with the design and attitude of modern, contemporary furniture. I enjoyed this project so much in fact, that it led to the birth of an additional contemporary line I called "Skyline".

With the Peter Francis Design division of our company, we are not only creating new pieces of contemporary furniture in our Massachusetts factory, we are creating new meaning and possibility for the traditional methods of American manufacturing. I strive to keep one foot stepping into the future while keeping one rooted in the heritage of our past.